would everyone get it?


I created this thread in hopes for Episode to allow all styles could have freckles.




I fully support this! Also because (1) me being a ginger with freckles and (2) I just think it’s beautiful and cute.


I love the sound of freckles!


Thank you for your support!


there’s a new story ‘Love Life’, i think? One of the characters has freckles. But I haven’t found it in the character customizations :frowning:


they haven’t released it to the public yet, just the Episode written stories for now. it’s coming soon tho. :smiley:


i can’t wait for it, they’ve added new outfits and hairstyles that have been requested for so long! ugh i’m getting impatient! :sweat_smile:


ikr! we all are lol


Thank you everyone for 100 likes <3


Support 100%! I loved I was so excited when I saw Zoe’s freckles in Love Life, and I think Episode said they’re working on a new update with new hairstyles, and possibly the new features from Love Life, so they’re coming soon - we’re all so impatient :grin:


Support 110! I would love adding natural features- FRECKLES, beauty marks, facial hair (for men) and scars!!


Support massively! I really need freckles for the reboot of The Queen of Freaks! Theo has freckles in my head!


BUMP! I love this idea


I TOTALLY support! I have quite a lot of freckles and when I’m trying to make myself as an episode character I’m unable to fully make a character look like me without freckles! 100% support!


This is a great idea! If anything, I think they should make a little section for features like this( Face/Body Markings, even the preexisting tattoos ) That would be even better if they could.


So far=