CHARACTER FEATURE: More hairstyles for LL



I think it would be really nice if we had more hairstyles. Like one hairstyle I would definitely want to see is french braids. And when I say french braids I am thinking of something as explicit as braided bun because episode made that hairstyle just so beautiful!! It’s one of my faves. But it would look nice if the braids were a little longer, as in under breasts length, or even longer. So what do you think about more braided hairstyles?
Or even doing the ink diva curls in LL. Or a plain fishtail braid that’ll hang on the back, not on the shoulder.
And it would also be great to have airquote animation in LL.

Update: I was thinking that Styled Corn Rows could also be converted to LL too because that’s another hairstyle which looks very good and it is useful for wearing headwraps and stuff .


I support! I was acctually thinking of this!


bump bump :grin: