CHARACTER FEATURE: More hairstyles for LL



I think it would be really nice if we had more hairstyles. Like one hairstyle I would definitely want to see is french braids. And when I say french braids I am thinking of something as explicit as braided bun because episode made that hairstyle just so beautiful!! It’s one of my faves. But it would look nice if the braids were a little longer, as in under breasts length, or even longer. So what do you think about more braided hairstyles?
Or even doing the ink diva curls in LL. Or a plain fishtail braid that’ll hang on the back, not on the shoulder.
And it would also be great to have airquote animation in LL.

Update: I was thinking that Styled Corn Rows could also be converted to LL too because that’s another hairstyle which looks very good and it is useful for wearing headwraps and stuff .
Update: Army Uniform for Limelight!!
Update: Hip-long hairstyles, Hair tucked behind ears both long and short version AND both curly and straight version, Curly Ponytail both long and short version. Fishtail braids, Messy Buns with tiny hairs left out on the sides, more Ombre styles.
What about extra long extra curly hair? Like someone who has afro hair but long version. There is nothing like actually very curly hair, only in short version. And in long hairs we only have very wavy hair.
I would also like to see more hairstyles for boys. Curly shaved sides? Or more hairstyles for fathers.
**More sporty shoes, but for boys we could use something bigger, because some shoes are just undersized for male feet.
**More lipstick shades for Ash11 skintone.
Update: Add Extra Long Braided High Ponytail, Regular long and short for female characters!! How about Extra Long Dreadlock High Ponytail? Add Short Wavy Hairs with Bangs! Extrasized braided or dreadlock buns for both male and female! We love us some cultural hairtsyle! :heart_eyes:
Update: Make Styled Corn Rows from INK style in LIMELIGHT!! It’s a must! The headwraps would look perfect with them ponytails and corn rows! Also short, medium and long kinky hair is needed!
Update: Can we please have like, Nike-like shoes for both boys and girls? Puma, Jordans, Adidas is also super okay. And can we have bigger shoes for male characters? Their feet look so small… Also Low-Tied Classy Bun WITHOUT Bangs for girls. And it would also be nice to have Cornrow Bun and Shaved Sides for LL male characters? It would be awesome!
Update: Cornrow High Ponytail in Extra Long Length PLEASE :heart:

We need more Hairstlyes for limelight! I am so tired of thre old ones!

I support! I was acctually thinking of this!


bump bump :grin:




Dear episode,
Ya’ll need to make some new hairstyles for LIMELIGHT!!! Ink has so many hairstyles that it’s not even fair. Imma be honest, I don’t know what ya’ll doing but you guys need to get it together and more animations need to be added especially that writing note pad one i need it!



I want really long hair, like they had loads of long hair in classic, but these hairstyles just go past the shoulder. Also, more ombre hairstyles!!!


Thanks girl finally someone who agrees!


What about ink?


Not to be rude but that was stupid to ask. Ink has way more hairstyles then limelight, so watchu mean what about ink?



So I understand your opinion but look:

Female LL Hair - 26 with 39 colors (65)
Female INK Hair - 50 with 19 colors (69)

Male LL Hair - 14 with 39 colors (53)
Male INK Hair - 34 with 19 colors (53)

EDIT: So I realized I didn’t explain that chart but I included that to prove that there wasn’t much of a difference between “amount” you will understand if you read below.

LL’s limited Hair Makes Up For Less Colors just like INK’s Limited Colors Is Made Up With More Styles. But they’re done updating ink but Jesse the administrator I can’t find the topic but earlier today posted something with what there artists whipped up and that’s included new hairstyles. Since INK is done being updated LL will surpass INK big time and INK authors get left in the dust. Sorry if I didn’t explain this very well! But I’m going to leave this here so I don’t get bashed about a bunch of stuff.


I personally think Episode could use some longer hairstyles… just my opinion, but Episode doesn’t have any hairstyles that go, like, to the hips. Other than Episode Classic, of course. I’m not trying to be rude, but I think this would be such a big improvement.


They should also create long hairstyles that have the hair tucked behind the ear or show the ear a bit more so we can see the earrings. A lot of the hairstyles are too forward, they cover the ears almost completely! So many limelight earring are pretty!


That’s what she just explained…?! :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I’ll delete my post :sweat_smile: Just went over my head.


Please!! I know that LL has more colors than INK, but still, I’m tired of having so many character look alike because they have the same hairstyles.

One hairstyle I really want to see is a curly ponytail. Kind of like the short high ponytail in LL but curly instead of straight hair. Not even INK has a hairstyle like that.


Yes, INK could also use some new features, but this post was about Limelight.
And I always say one thing at a time.


Now I remember saying these though in it…




Support support support!!!
You know what would be super cute? Bangs for shorter hair!!
Yes I know they have the blunt bangs for long and short, but why not the cuter versions of wavy hair with bangs, or slightly long curly bags!! Like a mix of the Blunt bangs for short hair mixed with the short wavy hair!


Honestly, I would go crazy if we had this hairstyle;

As well as this one;