CHARACTER FEATURE: More hairstyles for LL



In the new episode story Love Life we got Kim’s hairstyle on Sydney, however it’s not in the customisation. But I really really hope they will release that hairstyle for us to use because I am in love with it. I also hope they will release the rest of the new features as soon as possible cause they really look bomb.
But right now I just hope they give us Sydney’s hairtsyle.


Yeah, I saw it too its gorgeous, and when I saw saw it i was stunned. I mean, I literally asked for that hairstyle few weeks ago and boom it’s on Sydney’s head. Needs to be available ASAP.


They are killing me with waiting us wait. We want the new features and we want them NOW not on Thursday…


They’re available today!??


They are supposed to… But episode is shitting their pants rn and teasing us


Not surprising…






Its like you are reading my mind. I’d love som hairstyles that tied up… Like an oldfashion-bun


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