CHARACTER FEATURE: "unattractive" features for character's faces


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If dark circles and eye bags were a feature, I’d at least be able to create an accurate version of myself.

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YESSSS and can we have some more natural looking scars as part of this as well. Not everyone with a scar on thier bodys lives an eventful intense life. Some of us have had surgeries or been in accidents. I have a scar on my forehead and despite being lighting bolt shaped I did not get it from an unfortunate encounter with a evil wizard (lol) . I’ve had it for many years and despite still being visible it looks more like a slightly raised pink line than a big red gash. Though not all scars heal like this but many do and it would be a lot easier for writers to incorporate these into their stories than bloody gashes.


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I really need that. It’s an important feature I have.


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Support as such features are actually natural, and with Limelight, it’s not impossible to do, seeing as some of the eyebrows have jagged lines and freckles and beauty marks were just introduced. This is the next thing.


I agree with this completely you have my 100% support.


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I saw in the new story the K*ss list that a character has what looks like a scar across his eye. Maybe that means they plan on releasing scars to everyone soon!!


Opinions on the way it’s shown?