CHARACTER FEATURE: "unattractive" features for character's faces




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ooh, this would be really great! i hope to see this sort of things be added.






my only worry with acne isn’t having it as an option (because I totally agree with the sentiment in the post) but that writers will only use it for the dorky/nerdy/comic relief characters- which would further stigmatize these skins types


Some people will use it well, others will use it unwell… I can’t envision a main character with acne. (I do want my main characters to have acne.)




Idk someone who had acne (mostly scars, but enough to make me insecure) I’m not a huge fan of this suggestion. A lot of people will misuse it.


Yeah, like they did with the new features. One of the College Days story put the Wide Broad nose and Monolid eyes on a character to make her seem “ugly” features. Along with people using the monolids as “granny eyes” :roll_eyes:


WHAT?! Yeah see, this is my point. That’s so gross. :angry:

The monolid slender eyes are beautiful wtf. I actually kinda like them better than the new ones, but maybe it’s just me. Ugly my ass lol.


I still think it’s important for people who have this condition (I use the term loosely) to feel like they are being represented. As @Greebabubba said, many people can’t envision their mcs having acne but like many other “ugly” features, it’s important to portray as an option. I’m guilty of this as well, but when designing characters we tend to make them perfect but that is dehumanizing episode. Putting acne and other unattractive features will give readers the idea that these characters are meant to be humans as well and will make them more relatable.

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I’m not saying they shouldn’t add them, I’d love to get them. It’s just that I know some people will mis-use them.


I agree but I hope people will learn to use them properly. Like for example: glasses shouldn’t only be used for “nerds”


Right, exactly.


And people should stop using glasses to show that the mc is shy. Glasses don’t mean you’re shy. And then when the mc gets a makeover, she no longer wears glasses. How about a main character who wears glasses because she NEEDS them, not to stereotype that glasses mean you’re shy.


I really like the Monolid eyes, although they do have those discs around them like some of the other eyes. I don’t think any of the Limelight female eyes are ugly.