Character Floating

Hey so i have this character that’s floating…

I find it easy to spot direct using the app so i did this

Then i copied it over to the script
Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 1.23.59 AM

But once i tried to play it through i got this

Not sure what i’m doing wrong becasue the script never changed so i’m a bit confused… Any help would be lovely!!!

Thanks in advance :blob_hearts:

Also how do i make a character have their back face the camera?

Try spot directing them so they aren’t floating, if I understood what you meant?

And to have a character’s back facing the camera it’s @CHARACTER is rear or any animation with rear in it

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Hmmm is there any other errors in your script?
I can’t see anything wrong with that line of coding, so I’m assuming it could be another error or a glitch.

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Yea it get what you’re saying but when i out them in the positition i want it’s fine but when i save it they float… if that makes sense

@CHARACTER is idle_rear AND CHARACTER faces left/right
But as Ryder said, you can use any rear animation available.
Note: For rear animations, left and right are reversed.

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nope jsut a spelling error


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Well in the 2nd screenshot their scale is higher than the other… did you want them the same size but floating?

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no i just wanted htem on the ground like the first pic. I added the spot directing that had the on the ground to the script but the started floating… like the numbers moved

Have you tried updating the script on your phone? Could be that as well

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Yep! That’s what i did at first but they kept floating so i thought maybe it was something wrong with the app so i used the script and the same thing happened

Have you tried replacing her with a duplicate character? Sometimes that works.

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Uggh that’s weird, could be a glitch :thinking:

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I think so

so like remake her and then position her the way i want?

Yes. A duplicate character is a new character that looks exactly the same as the character you want a copy of. For “replacing” in scenes it’s normally something like this:

&DUPLICATE spot s x y in zone # AND DUPLICATE faces left/right AND DUPLICATE moves to layer # AND DUPLICATE is animation

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Okay I’m going to try that out now! Thanks!

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No problem!
I hope it works for you, if it doesn’t then I’m not sure what other course of action there is apart sending in a ticket. :flushed:

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It’s been 8 hours, I don’t see a solution so if this is still causing issues then let me offer my idea;

What’s she doing prior to you spotting her here?
In one of my stories, I had made a man walk in 2 seconds. Before the 2 seconds could finish, I cut to a new zone and tried spotting him in a different location and he kept glitching weird, similarly to your issue here. My issue was that I wasn’t letting him finish his animation before doing something else with him. This didn’t get solved until I gave him adequate time to finish the action before his new directing command. Then he was showing up in the right spot.

What happens before this in your script? Is there anything that’s trying to continue to play out, and you’re not giving it enough time?

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