Character give a prop

I want my character to give a prop to other characters, how do I do that?

You’d do something like…

@add PROP to CHAR1

@CHAR1 is talk_explain_neutral
[Or similar]

@remove PROP from CHAR1
@add PROP to CHAR2
@CHAR2 is take_item (whatever that animation name is)

This isn’t exact, but it’s along the lines of what you’d do.

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Thanks, I’ll try that :slightly_smiling_face:

You should check out Dara.Amarie her website!

And joseph evans youtube videos! :slight_smile:

It’s full of tutorials and coding tips :slight_smile: It much faster to learn

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Thanks, I’ll check that out! Btw, they’re at a party now, and I want the props off of them, how do I do that?

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