Character Giving and Receiving Gifts? [Please Help!]

Hi, it’s Mara here.
I’m in the middle of doing a story when it stuck to me: How does a character receive a gift (in this case, I want to change it into a prop) from another character?
I know that there are animations for giving gifts, but I couldn’t seem to find the correct one for receiving gifts… And, I often see in stories that there’s an animation for it, but I couldn’t find it too :frowning:
What do you guys usually use? Please let me know!
Thanks before!

Here is something that might work:

@CHAR1 one is give_gift

@pause for 1

@CHAR1 is idle AND CHAR2 is admire_hold_gift

I don’t know for sure if this will work please let me know if it does not.

It worked but can I change the gift into another prop?
Like for example, a Red Cup?

Like for someone to give someone the gift and then when they receive it for it to be a red cup?

Yes, is there perhaps a way to make it like that?

Do you think it’ll work and make sense if I used the ringbox animation?
In this case, the character is giving a drink to each other.


@CHAR1 is give_gift
@add Red Cup to CHAR2
@CHAR1 is idle

Oh, so one character is holding a red cup and giving it to the other?

Yes! And the other character will be gestured like receiving it.

Btw I’ve tried this

@CHAR1 is give_gift
@add Red Cup to CHAR2
@CHAR1 is idle

And the gift box is still there :")

Okay try:

@add Red Cup to CHAR1
@pause for 1
@CHAR1 is idle
@add Red Cup to CHAR2

Make sure Char1 and Char2 are close together so it looks like it is being passed off. Idk if it will work.

It looks weird when I tried it :disappointed_relieved:

Do you happen to know the animation for receiving stuff often used in stories?
I don’t have the picture but the description will be like this:

A surprised-happy face
Mouth opened wide
One hand at the chest and another one stretched out to another character

I’ve looked in the animation catalog and I couldn’t seem to find it :confused:

Sorry if my description confuses you

You are in INK right? If you are then try:


then just attach the prop when you are done

If you are in limelight this is all I could find sorry :confused:


tell me if it works

YEAH! That is the animation that I looked up for! I am in INK btw.

I must’ve missed it since it’s lined up with all that ‘talks’ :joy:

You’re so kind to help me :smiley: I hope you’ll have a nice day!


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Haha your welcome anytime!! :two_hearts: