Character Glitch

Hello. I was creating a “dress up” game for my story, Demon in Disguise. It’s a new story I’m making and I don’t know a lot about making stories, and this one is my first.

Anyways, I used a script to help me dress a character, not with outfits (eyes, skintone, etc). While the preview on desktop is fine, on phone the character shows up with red eyes, gray hair, gray skin, no mouth, and no hands.

It’s not supposed to appear like that, though. Also, I can’t change the skintone, eye color, or hair color. Characters in other stories that aren’t mine appear like that, too. It’s kind of annoying.

I’m not sure if it’s just my device, the script, or a glitch in the game. Help…?

i think it may be your device… try the same stories where your characters show up oddly on another device and see if it changes? if it’s messed up on both you should submit a ticket. :slight_smile:

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