Character hair colour

So for my story (not released yet) I am having an issue with the hair colour! I originally had my character with black hair and now have changed it to cayenne but when I review my story it shows that the hair is still black!
Also I have tried to reset story progress and restart the episode but it will not work!

you changed the actual character in character settings or just with code in the story?

In the character settings…

hmm. are you looking in the previewer or in the app?

I’m looking at the episode app in create! but when I preview my story on my laptop (next to the code) it shows her with the Cayenne hair!!

well damn. i’m out of ideas lol. you did everything else i would suggest. i’m sorry i couldnt help. :confused:

That is ok! I’ll just try to see if anybody else replies!

if no one comes up with anything, try submitting a ticket. its usually the previewer in the portal that’s wrong, thats so weird.

I’m new to this whole thing… whats submitting a ticket? sorry :confused:

its all good. you click on help in the portal at the top and then click submit a request at the top right and fill out the info. it’s basically sending a request to episode to find out whats wrong.

And is this in the app or just on the episodeinteractive website?

on the site for sure. you can do it from the app too. just go to settings and then help and then contact us at the top right and click new. then type whats wrong and send it.

Thankyou so much! Will do that now because I’ve tried everything I could think of, deleting the app, downloading the app on my phone!

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youre welcome! i hope they can help! :smiley:

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Most likely it will appear black only to you, however I do believe your readers will see her with cayenne hair color instead.

If you’re worried, at the very beginning of episode one, you can write:
@YOU changes hairColor into Cayenne

Replace YOU with your character’s name : )

After you do this and save, you can reset your story progress and test it out.

P.S To submit a ticket, you’d go here:

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Ok, thankyou sooo soo much for your help!

No problem :smile: