Character height (limelight)

Just when I think things are going smoothly haha :tired_face:

I added the second character (male) into the first episode and he’s shorter than the MC.

How do I make him taller than her?

I’ve seen others in their stories do it but I haven’t had any luck finding out how yet…

Thank you again :sweat_smile:

You have to use spotting. I have made a guide on this topic:

Hope it helps!!

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Hi! Thank you for helping me!

I had another question though. If the male character is entering from x to y, whatever command code I get on the app, do I need to put it on the script before I make him enter? or after?

Sorry if it’s a silly question.

Yea, because if not the size will be inconsistent.
So what I do is I add a negative integer if I’m in zone 1

For example:

@CHAR spot 1.300 -100 0 in zone 1 AND CHAR faces right

So the CHAR is now offscreen. So now I walk them in at the customized size.

@CHAR walks to spot 1.300 210 0 in zone 1 in 2 AND CHAR faces right

Now the CHAR has entered and walked and stopped all in the same size.

If you are in zone 2, 3, or 4, then you can just put the CHAR in the zone right before the current zone and that way when they walk in they will be at the customized size.

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So I tried the second one you mentioned.

It works but instead of entering from left to screen left, he’s coming from right to screen left.

I’ll be honest. I’m struggling a bit to understand what the zones are.

I’ve attached a picture of what the script looks like. I’m sure I did something wrong.


No worries, let’s go through it together.

What code did you put before this one?


Before that it was @CHAR1 is deepbreath.

Originally before the screenshot I had @CHAR2 enters from left to screen left and that came after what was written on the first sentence here.

Everything works fine except for CHAR2 basically moonwalking backwards from right to screen left.

So before the walking command, did you write

@KYLE spot 1.332 -100 0 in zone 1


I did it as shown on the screenshot I first showed you.

But as soon as you mentioned in your recent message I copied and pasted and then tried after. (attached another screenshot and the app screenshot)

It works but his height is his default from some reason.

I think that i’m just making it worse :sweat:

Okay after deepbreath
Erase everything.
Write this:

@KYLE spot 1.332 -100 0 in zone 1
@KYLE walks to spot 1.332 100 0 in zone 1 in 2 AND KYLE faces right


I just tried what you recommended and it worked! Although one last quick question regarding this.

Do I need to keep it directly underneath? Like no space after the first sentence? In order for it work? and will I need to do this every time he is in the story?

Hopefully I’ll have a better understanding of zones soon :sweat_smile:

No, you can put things in between.
And for them CHAR to enter at a certain heigh, yes you will have to spot them offscreen first

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Okay thank you for always helping me, I really appreciate it. :relaxed:



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Thanks for all your help @RudeInception! Closing thread :v:t2: