!Character height template! [HELP PLEASE / I WILL GIVE YOU A SHOUTOUT]

We all know that girls are taller then boys on episode so I’m working on my tablet and I can’t use spot directing so can you type here a template for me of a man taller then the girl template in (screen left/ upscreen left / screen right/ upscreen right/ screen center) I want the man on all these spots but a want them taller please please please help :sob:

How is spot directing not working? You can use the scale function to make the man bigger/taller than the girl :))

Sadly it doesn’t work like that because the basic spot directing doesn’t use scaling. All characters are immediately scaled to 1.250!
So you’ll have to play around with a different way of spot directing, which looks a bit like this-

@CHARACTER spot (insert scale here) (insert horizontal number here) (insert vertical number here)

Using the previewer is a big help and just in case that line above was very confusing I’ll add in the numbers as an example for you.

@CHARACTER spot 1.300 60 0

This means that the character is scaled bigger, resulting in a taller character. They’re on the left side of the screen at the base.

If you need further help message me!

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Ah I didn’t know :sweat_smile: Thank you for helping out :blob_sun:

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That’s okay! :heartbeat:

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Because I’m using a tablet :hugs:

Ohh, my eyes must have skimmed past that, oops :sweat_smile:

I am actually surprised that tablet hinders you in using spot directing… I mean if you open the portal in internet browiser (not the app) you still should have all functions as anybody else.:thinking::thinking::thinking:

When it works in phone that you can preview and roll down it should work on tablet too.

I know that iPads and tablets runs on different operating system softwares so I’m not sure if this would work or if you’ve tried this and also some people say tablet when they’re talking about their iPad so idk if you’re using an apple product or not but on my iPad I can’t use the writers portal to spot direct, however in the app I can when I preview my story there. There’s not a switch tool to change from scaling to moving but if you click spot directing, to move a character you use one finger and slide it around, to scale/size them, you pinch your fingers on it so using two fingers switches it to the scale tool. Pinch two fingers to make it smaller or spread two fingers to make it bigger. And on the bottom left it will show the spot coordinates that you’ll have to write down or memorize and type it into the portal. But it may not be the same for your tablet.

Happy writing :sunflower:

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