Character IN overlay?

Hello !

So I want to put a character in a circle overlay, so it can look like this : (but without the character being an image,

The problem is, I can’t find how to put a character in an overlay.
What I want is : Background > Character > Overlay BUT I don’t want the character to be out of the overlay ! Maybe I have to create another circle white overlay ? I really don’t know…
The scene looks like this :

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you have to make a another circle white overlay

OK, but the character will still be out of the overlay

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@OVERLAY CIRCLE moves to layer 1 and YOU moves to layer 0


You’d need to make the counter (or pretty much just the whole bottom half of the scene) its own separate overlay to go over the character, but under the circle. Just make sure it doesn’t obstruct the person behind the counter.

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Okk, I see. Thanks !

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if you want everything outside the circle white you have to make white overlay with circle opening - so you will see only the person in the circe…if you want it exactly as in the picture above you will need to put white background or white ovrely also behind the character

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