Character Instagram accounts

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Instagram character accounts are basically are when someone has made a story and wants to have the characters more involved, so you open a character accounts.

At first, I wasn’t going to do this but atm I’m revamping my story (revamp comes out Jan 2nd or 3rd), but I’ve said yes and maybe to the idea and finally made the choice of yes!. so I want my two main characters and 4 others insta accounts (6 in total)

My story is named Chained heart - Destruction

Reina and Ash are the MC and LI

Characters and ages

Reina (24)
Mateo (24)
Skyler (24)
Madison (24)
Ashton (25)
Dean (26)

Reina JJ Ross

She is the 2nd Qaud
Reina is basically a bad btch and known as “Blood Queen”
She doesn’t take sh
t from anyone besides from her boyfriend Drake
She is the leader of The Lost Souls and loves to put people in their place.
She is a Quadruplet with Skyler, Mateo and Madison.
She met Drake when she was 17 and they started dating when she was 19.
Ash is her LI

Madison Kate Ross

She is 3rd Quad.
Ever since she was 10, she’s wanted to become a nurse to help people in need, but later changed her mind and followed her mother footsteps in becoming a Lawyer.
She never got along with her siblings except her older sibling Sophia and Wyatt
She loves reading and exploring new places.

Skyler Ayana Ross

She is 4rth Quad.
She loved fashion ever since she was a baby and is building her own fashion company.
She moved out when she was 18 and hasn’t talked to her siblings since.
She loves nature and sitting down in the grass.
She is a sassy diva queen!

Mateo Travis Ross

1st Quad
Mateo was named after his mother deceased brother.
He’s a tattoo artist in New York in his own shop
He doesn’t talk to his siblings at all and doesn’t want to involved with them
He is very sarcastic and doesn’t care about anyone but his girlfriend.

Ashton Stone

His real name is Ashton but people call him Ash
Ash grew up super rich but he never let that cloud his mind cause he doesn’t care about money,
His parents got a divorce when he was senior in High School.
He has 2 siblings from his parents and 1 from his step mom
Dean is his older brother, Paris is his younger sister and Vanessa is his younger sister.
He’s dating Stella and has since he was 20
He works at a club where he met Stella.
Reina is his LI

Dean Stone

He works at his father company and hopes to take over when his father steps down.
Before that, he wants to get married but wants to find the one first.
He is very overprotective of his siblings and is very close to them.
He is very sweet, gentle and kind but don’t get on his bad side.

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  • Be involved in the other characters.
  • Have fun with it and be nice to other people.

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