Character instagram pages

i don’t know haow to someone help

What are you talking about? I can help you if you want but, you’ll have to tell me.
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you know how some people have character pages on instagram for there story how do i do that

Do you want to make an instagram page for her character?

yeah but i’m not exatly sure about how to do that i know how to make an instagram page just not sure about the character page

Do you mean how to do put your character profile from Episode to your instagram profile?
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i think do i just make the page and then i post on it right
i think

  1. Go to your episode profile
  2. Screenshot it on your phone or any mobile device.
  3. send it to yourself
  4. Go to your computer and open up gmail and save it to your files.
  5. Open up the picture and crop it to what you want to show on the profile pic.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 if you don’t like your picture.
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no i mean an character instagram page
i know i’m weird
i wan to make an character instagram page like i post on the page or like do i have my friend post on the page or is it like that because i get my insporation from an actual person

Do you have a picture of what your talking about?
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no but i mean go to instagram type in kyliemypsycho
thats a character page but do i manage the page or do i have a friend do it

Usually character accounts are created by fans who adore the characters, in this case, you can create one for yourself but it’d be pointless. I suggest waiting until somebody offers it. :blush:

My Psycho is a really great story btw :grin:

ohhh sometimes i thought i bwould see it was aprroved by the author

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Yes authors approve one of the accounts out of many, unfortunately many people love making character accounts, also I guess this must be in Episode Fan Community? I’m sure it’s not directing tips tho.

and my psycho is my all time fav other than the gangs by cleorda

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yeah thanks