Character Interviews! 🤔

Hola everyone!! So, I was thinking, “What’s a story that I can make to get the community involved?” Well, I thought, what about if I interviewed characters from your stories!!! I’ll be promoting your story and any character from your story that you would like!! All I’ll be needing will be listed further down!! :smiley:

OKAY! So, I’m going to have some small requirements for me to interview a character from your story!!

  1. Sorry guys! It’s in LL!
  2. Your story has to be at, at least 100 reads!! So sorry!! :pleading_face:
  3. Your story has to be a community story!! :sob:

Oh! Please make sure you use this password so I know you read all the requirements!! :smiley:



  1. @kiera2728
  2. @Danielle318
  3. @AMY20
  4. @xoxoalynam
  5. @Roy

Information I need!!
Cover Please!
Story Description:
Gender and Sexuality:

Please pm me this, so I can ask a couple of questions!! :smiley:

Thank you guys so much!! :pleading_face:


I am not done with my stroy I am still working it but these are the characters the main ones and all I have to do is pm

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Thank you!! Can you pm me tomorrow so we can chat about your story? :grin:

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alright thank you every much and tomowwr will do have a good night :blush:

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No problem! :grin:

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Reads: 497
Title: QUEER: The One
Authors: Elise and Danielle


Hi! Here’s my character Mila:)
Title: Eternal Love
Personality? She’s caring, doesn’t take shit from anyone, and she’s strong:)
Gender/Sexuality: Female, Straight
Description: Mila gets a job opportunity at the De Santis mansion in Cancun. Will she be able to stay away from cold hearted Jonah?

Skin: Neutral 4

Brow: Arched Neutral (Black)

Hair: long wavy updo princess braid (Black)

Eyes: deepest almond (Dark Hazel)

Face: Diamond

Nose: Defined neutral

Lips: Full round flat top skin neutral medium matte


Thank you @Danielle318 @AMY20!! I’ll pm you guys both tomorrow!! :grin:


The story has to be in LL version!!!

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Yes! :grin: You must have a LL character! :grin:

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Mine’s in Ink :pensive:

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Oh! I’m sorry! I can always interview you, as the author! :grin:

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I would love that :sparkling_heart:

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Okay! Can you pm me your LL deets, and we can chat tomorrow!! :grin:

why am I getting excited even though my story is not out :joy:

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Cover Please!-

Personality? Noelle the MC- is independent, caring, fearless, a fighter, smart and the LL Casper is friendly, kind and loyal, honest, sensitive, awkward

Story Description:

Noelle, a cheerleader is passionate about football.
She wants to show all the boys that girls have the ability to play football.

Will Noelle be able to break the boundaries?

Gender and Sexuality:
The MC is straight and the Love interest is also straight, Female and Male


Casper- 02 Copper
Eyebrows- Arched Medium (Ginger red)

Hair- Medium Wavy Messy (Ginger Red)

Eyes- Deepset Downturned Lidded (Green Emerald)

Face- Square Long Jaw Shadow

Nose- Grecian Narrow

Lips- Medium Heart (Beige Rose)



I’m sorry!! All slots are full! :pleading_face:

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It’s okay.

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I’ll let you know if there are any open slots! :grin:

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Okay, let me know :green_heart:

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