Character introducrtions

I’m trying to find good ways to introduce characters so share the best ways somebody else or you introdueced characters. You can also share character itroduction cliques you hate and advise people what to avoid.

Maybe you can check this thread out: What is the best way to make readers emotionally attached to characters?

There are many helpful tips on it ^^

Also, this is a very helpful resource:

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Thanks but I figured out the way my character will be intorduced.

What do oyu think of this: Dude sitting in one of the chairs for something like AA meetings but for drug users and the dude stars saying this “I’m firstname lastname and I’m here becuase my mom belives I’m a extasy junkie. However I’m just manic and she didn’t want to listen to me. So here I am.”

And that would be right into the action withouth the morning routine or the narrator talking to us and we can learn his name and the main thing about him by him saying it but not him speaking directly to us becuase the story is not spoken by character. So he’s only saying “I am, I was, I have or I think” while speaking to somebody else or talking to himself (that’s a normal thing to do, you’ve probably told yourself before “you can do it.” or something simmilar.)

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Well, it certainly is an interesting, cool way to start your story :thinking:

I think it’s fine so long as you include some “crazy” animations with it :wink:

However, remember to show the character’s craziness more than describe it.

Like when having him sit in a chair, maybe use flashbacks as well?

It can show the what the mom thinks of the him and what he thinks of himself.

You can use filters and transitions to add some spice to the flashbacks.

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But the character isn’t crazy lol ,




  1. mental illness marked by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.

My sincerest apologies, I read it wrong. I read it as “maniac” instead of “manic” and that it totally my fault.

Anyways, good luck with your story!

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