Character is behind another character

Hii, does anyone know how I get another character before another? Bc my character is now behind someone else and it’s annoying

@CHAR1 spot 1.280 131 238 AND CHAR1 moves to -2
@CHAR2 spot 1.28 131 238 AND CHAR2 moves to -1

You have to change the spot numbers.

that didn’t work for me, is there maybe sth wrong with my script?

Take out the @'s after the AND

Try moves to layer and then the number :boom:


@ASHLEY spot 0.751 87 207 AND ASHLEY moves to layer -2
@ACTOR spot 0.786 149 203 AND ACTOR moves to -1


I removed the @‘s and put layer in front of the numbers and it works, thanks for helping!!


I just did it and it worked, thank u💕

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