Character is not showing in the dressing game

So I’m editing this dressing game and when I preview the dressing game the characters outfit is only seen for a second before the character walks off to a different zone and asks the reader if this is the outfit that is wanted. I know that my codes are like go to zone 2 but thats because the character needs to change. It’s kind of impossible to choose the outfit you want without even seeing it. Please help!


@ELLIE enters from left to screen center

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat
label choosing_outfit

    ELLIE (think_rubchin)
What should I wear

@ELLIE changes into ELLIE_Casual

@ELLIE walks to screen center in zone 2


@ELLIE walks to screen center in zone 2

@ELLIE changes into ELLIE_Smart

@ELLIE walks to screen center in zone 2

@ELLIE changes into ELLIE_Pretty

@ELLIE walks to screen center in zone 2

@pause for 3
(Do I want to wear this, or choose something else.)

“yes” {

    ELLIE (talk_agree_happy)
This is perfect

“Let’s try something else” {

goto choosing_outfit


@ELLIE exits left

You can add @pause for 3 after she changes?

it still doesn’t work

I might be slightly confused. You have her walk off screen to change right? If that’s the case you never told her to come back with the new outfit. After she changes you need to put @ ELLIE walks to screen center in zone 1

It seems like you have her walking offscreen each time:

But not back on screen again after she changes

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I’ve tried that but it still doesn’t work

I was wondering if instead of having the character walk off she could just change into it on the same spot but I don’t know the codes to do that

just say @CHARACTER is dustoff_loop
@CHARACTER changes into _______
@CHARACTER is dustoff_loop

After she goes to zone 2, add a pause each time and then after the pause, put in

@character walks to center screen in zone 1

In each choice before she asks if she wants to change again.

That is, assuming she’s in zone 1. Whichever zone she’s in, she needs to come back to so you can see her.

If she’s in zone 3, put that she walks back in zone 3. I just assumed 1, lol.

This isn’t necessery to make her walk offscreen :blush: You can try to do this the way @AnonymousAuthor1 proposed :wink:

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