Character keeps popping up on my screen

I’m getting stressed out over this!
I’ve done everything recommended and my character is still popping on my screen :frowning: !!!

I’ve deleted everything and just left 5 lines just to try it out and it’s no use. (probably I’m terrible but a little help would be amazing)

Here’s my script


I don’t understand what you are saying.

Well, my character, for some reason instead of appearing normally, it appears as a pop up in the screen.
Like this:

It should be

@ANDREA spot 0.884…

What she said.

Yep, tried @andrea and it still doesn’t work.

Also tried dding the characters before the transition, after the transition, etc and it still doesn’t work.

Thanks though!

If you need more helo feel free to send me a private message or comment on my helping thread

You mean it appears in a bubble?
You probably set your story up as the spotlight style, not cinematic. Is this the first time working on this story? Have you ever seen the characters in the full body style whilst testing this story?

This is my first time, and no I have never seen them full body. How do I change that?

Yeah this makes sense

You will need to start a new story unfortunately.
After you start a new story, you’ll be asked to choose the style then this will come up:

Click the arrow and select “use full character display”.
If you haven’t done anything yet, you may be able to delete the story but if you have already saved stuff, you may not be able to.

Makes perfect sense!

Solved and closed. :smiley: