👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Character Library (LL) - drop your character details for anyone to use!

So, as I see a ton of topics asking for background characters…I kind of though about creating a library, or a collection with characters anyone can use in their story! I don’t know if this was done before, maybe nobody will participate, but whatever :smiley:

If you have character(s) you would like to share:

  • only LL characters please! (if this goes well, we could make the same topic for INK)
  • share your character’s details or character card (preferably something that has an image of the character)
  • don’t forget a name!
  • you can share character’s “default” outfit, or just the style they like
  • you can share anything that makes the character special and unique, like nationality, religion, sexuality, personality, job, interests etc.
  • do you wish to be credited if someone uses your character? how should people credit you?

By sharing your character with the community, you agree that anyone can use it in any story, as long as they credit you properly (if you require credit)

If you need character(s) for your story:

  • pick any character you like! you don’t need to ask if you can use them, that’s what they’re here for :relaxed:
  • you can give the character as little or as big of role in your story as you’d like
  • if the creator requires a credit, please be polite and credit them appropriately in your story
  • :no_entry_sign: do not use these characters to promote hate speech, racist or homophobic behavior

I think I mentioned everything I wanted. I will be making and posting a couple characters, too :slight_smile:


here’s mine!

character is socially active. speaks what’s on her mind! definitely not shy, more like bold and badass but can be helpful and kind too! has mood swings, ALOT.

credit isnt necessary but my instagram is @kaithelyn_writes :blush:


Let’s welcome the first character(oops, second!), Fleur!

Fleur's details

Body: Female Generic in Gold 02
Brow: Straight Medium in Dark Brown
Hair: Short Wavy Side Shave in Platinum Ice
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Wide in Blue Aqua
Face: Triangle Defined
Nose:Round Button
Mouth:Full Round Flat Top Skin in Black Matte
Extras: Nose Bridge Studs Silver, Skull And Stars Chest Tattoo


Fleur is American, Lesbian, She/Her. She has that “cool girl” look with nose piercing, chest tattoo, and aqua blue contacts. She works in a lab as a microbiologist, however, her job doesn’t fully appreciate all her knowledge and potential. She is obsessed with biology and spends most of her time studying, researching and experimenting. She is shy and introverted and she has a hard time getting along with others, that’s why she mostly prefers to be alone.

No need to credit me if you use Fleur, however, if you include her in your story, I would LOVE to read it! Feel free to leave your story name or link in my PMs :revolving_hearts:


Traits: bisexual, smart mouth, straight forward
Credits: My forum name and @_babigutzwrites on insta
Text me if you do use her i wanna see my baby shine! lmao
Shes african american and italian and shes a Mafia Queen but Shhh issa secret

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Name : Michelle

sexuality : Demisexual

Michelle is a sassy mouth, a Greek mythology nerd , a book lover and straight up rude- but caring girl. She’s African America and speaks Spanish and a little bit of French. She loves identifying herself as a Potato and loves the colors Purple, blue and red. She never backs down from a fight and always ends up winning. She will protect those she cares about. She has a bold personality but sometimes with new people she can be a little bit shy… And then after a while starts acting sassy with them. She loves writing stories (especially fantasy-but she writes other Genres too), she plans to be both a doctor and an actress in the future and had already started planning for collage in 5 different universities (Yale and Harvard being one of them).

Credit : You don’t really have too, but I would appreciate if when you’re using my character … you could pm me and give me a link to your story because I would love to read it!

Extra : She can sing and dance too.

Some tags for this topic

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Sexuality: bisexual

Sexuality: straight

Sexuality: lesbian

Sexuality: A-sexual

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@dazzling_ash @ImAnAlien @cecilia_do @Maeverie.Rivera @LucyLu You guys only liked my tag list! not the one where I post my character card :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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name- Aria
sexuality- no preference
high school student from ny