Character looks different while Prewieving in Phone App

So I started writing a story where I would allow Customization, however later on in the first episode I decided to just keep all the characters the same because … Well they’re fully fleshed out characters and I can’t picture them a different way, especially not the asian LI … So I deleted the few lines of code and dialogue I wrote for the first episode and started rewriting it, this time not including the CC … However … When I went to the mobile app to see how it looks there, the character still looked completely different … Is there a way to reverse this and to make my MC look like she does in the characters menu of the web portal?

Use the @CHARNAME changes hairColor into Color etc etc for your characters, this way you’re forcing them to change to how you’d like them to look and can make them match your vision/their appearance in the web.
You don’t need to keep those commands in the script permanently either, you can remove them after you’ve used the codes, saved, and previewed the story in the app.

Characters tend to keep their CCed appearance in app previews until your forcefully change them. The only characters I’ve noticed who changed to match their web preview version are those that have never been CCed.

If you didn’t want to do the first method, you could convert each line that contains the characters in question by putting a # in front of the lines and then delete the characters in the web portal and create them again as new characters and then remove the hashtags in the script. This is a lot more drastic though and I don’t think there’s any real need to do this unless all else fails but it’s an option.

Edit: What Dara has said is true - it does not have any impact on your readers, I just thought from an author POV it would be annoying to consistently to see your characters look different to how you want them to while you’re writing and previewing your own story.


Thank you, I have a feeling that will work the best!

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It’s just an app issue only the author sees when previewing their own story. When you publish your story, the readers will see the characters how you originally made them.


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