Character lying in bed when her Granny stands on her side

Hi, !
I already have another problem.
I wanted that my main character was lying in the bed when her Grandmother stands on her side.
But everytime I save is like the character move to a different spot where she lies down.
I used the directors helper in the spot helper and then I write those nummers.
It’s a self made background. but how can I make the character lie on the right spot??

Try test it on the mobile it’s more accurate. I noticed as well that some spots may looks off. Move your characters to the layers as well.

I tried it on my mobile and it’s the same than.
Now i have her lay on layer -4 and her grandmother on -2

Have you tried place her using your phone and copy spots from there?

I found it.
It looks like i forget something.
When they stand it’s just like spot 0.790 121 316
But now i put a - in it and it worked spot 0.790 -121 316

But thanks for the help

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Glad to hear this got fixed :slight_smile: Closing!