Character lying on bed script issue

Hi guys!
I’m having an issue with getting my character to lie on the bed in my scene. Below I’ve attached the script of what I’ve used and another picture of what happens to the character in the previewer. The character goes behind the bed and won’t actually lie on it. Could any one give me any tips on my script to improve this? Many thanks in advance :kissing_heart:

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Have you tried to put her a layer in top of the bed?

How do you do that? :slight_smile:

Here is an example:
@FEMALECHARACTER moves to layer 2

If you get to the negative you get behind things

It won’t make your character smaller

Try bringing her a few layers forward.

Sorry guys, I’ve tried to do that but nothing seems to be happy. She is still stuck?

It’s not working unfortunately :confused:

I don’t really know what else could be the issue. You could try refreshing the page or maybe testing it on your phone. Also, maybe check which layer the bed is at.

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i also had this problem! change the scene to
then move the overlay to the layer below your character :relaxed:

What would that moving the layer look like in my script? :blush:

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You can bring the overlay of the bed back a few layers in the web previewer like you do with the character and just copy and paste it into your script.

&overlay INT. LUXURY PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - DAY moves to layer 1

Did you press the button

Forward a layer +

It will change the layer she’s at then you can get it :slightly_smiling_face:

This happens a lot when I don’t place the overlay in a specific layer

This worked! Thank you so so much for your help and everyone else too :slight_smile:

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no problem! i’m happy to help if you have any more issues :relaxed:

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