Character maker art shop LimeLight (open)

This isn’t a story cover place…

You comment down below a character you need making

thank you


Any thing you want specifically (Ears pierced, tatto, freckles, mole…)
How many


Example: Hey can you please make me a female character called shopie and I would also like to have another female character called. Esmiebut she must have brown hair, thanks

Just so everyone knows, you don’t have to write out a full description of the character you want you just tell me the gender and the name and I’ll make you anything…

hi can you please make 2 female characters for me ?
she is a female , she is called Zoe , she has a dragon tattoo and she is asian
she is called Amanda and she is a teacher

if you need the personality of the characters feel free to ask me :slight_smile:

Can you explain more?


You say

The gender of the character you want

And the name

And I’ll make it 4 u

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Oh that’s generous of you <3

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Can I please have the personalities for Zoe and Amanda…

Thank you…

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It’s 10:30pm at night 4 me and I’m really tired, and I have school tomorrow, so I won’t be taking requests tonight and I will be taking more requests tomorrow, thank you all, byeeee

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Gn ! Gl at school

personality of Zoe : fearless, strong, and cool
personality of Amanda : ruthless

ok goodnignt !

I started my school holiday last week and it finished today

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Oh same but I went to Florida. What Holiday was it for you?

Okay, I’ll try and get it done tonight, bye Xx

my school holiday started last friday and gonna finish the 4th of november oof


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Skin: rose 1
Brow: dark brown, straight medium
Hair: brunette brown, long straight loose solid
Eye: brown black, round down turned wide
Face: triangle, diamond
Nose: round broad
Lips: full heart pouty, tan deep gold

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Not much

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