Character making

Hi, I’m trying to make a vampire diaries book and I just need the charcters to look similar to the acual people. Can someone help me?
Limelight or ink

Well I prefer INK…
But if you are looking for the characters that will look somewhat like the actual people I guess you should use limelight its just that the character (male) look very young in every aspect (whether they make them look old)

Nothing against limelight writers though

Yh, I guess. I’m actually writing in both ink and limelight. My friend is a co-writer and she doesn’t like limelight I do so we kind of made them both. I just really need to make it work. I’ve always loved coding and the vampire diaries and I just want to have something that shows my love fro them both

You are making both styles in a single story??

I know I should only focus on one. It’s just she’s really good at writing and I’m good at coding

Well, whatever you both are comfortable with…
Then it doesn’t matter…:blush::blush:

is it going to be, like… a total rip-off of the book? same names, same story? because I don’t think it’s actually allowed because of copyright

Yeah you can’t do that…

No, the names I will have the main characters but the storyline is different. There will be some resemblance but it’s all us.

I’m not sure it’s allowed if the story is based on the characters from the book :thinking: but I’m no copyright expert

I’ll check. But if you know anyone who would be able to create the characters then please tell me.

Yes it isn’t allowed you can’t have the same scene from that book

ok then. Thanks for everything though :frowning:

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