Character mentions another characters choice, please help!

Hi guys!
Is there a way for a character to mention the other characters choice?

For example:

A guy and a girl are at a bar. The guy asks the girl what would she like to drink. I made her have three choices of drinks, the reader picks one, after the bartender comes. I want the guy to turn to the bartender and say the girls choice of drink. So he will say, " I will have a scotch and this lovely lady will have a (choice the reader picked)".


Yes there is! Here is a guide made by the incredible @Dara.Amarie that focuses on this subject:

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

If you want to reference a choice in dialogue, you will have to give the choice a name (read through the guide that RudeInception provided a link for).

choice (drink_name)
“Lemonade” {

Then use that choice name and put it inside straight brackets, like this:

Here is that [drink_name] you ordered!

If a reader chose Lemonade, it would look like this to them:

Here is that Lemonade you ordered!

But be careful not to put the choice option like this:

choice (drink_name)
I want lemonade” {

Otherwise the dialogue would end up looking like this to readers:

Here is that I want Lemonade you ordered!

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I read your guide but I’m still a bit confused do I still need to use if, elif, else on this? I didn’t see that in your reply.

If you just want the bartender to say the choice, then no you don’t need the if/elif/else

Yay, thanks it worked! I don’t know if I should post this on another topic but If you don’t mind helping me with a small problem. This is what I have in my script:

@BARTENDER moves to layer -1

@BARTENDER enters from right to screen center

@BARTENDER faces right

@BARTENDER is blush_shy

@pause for a beat

The bartender stays in the layer I indicated on my script until she faces right then she moves back to her default layer…what did I do wrong?

Using “enters from” places the character at a default layer. Place her off screen first with the layer you want her at, then have her walk to the spot with spot direction

@BARTENDER spot 1.280 420 0 in zone # at layer -1
@BARTENDER walks to spot 1.280 160 0

Don’t forget to change # to the zone number

Your awesome! Thanks for taking the time to help me out. :+1:t3::grin:

You’re welcome :smile:

Thanks to all those who responded! Closing :slight_smile: