Character movement and zone

How do I make it look like my character is walking but with their backs facing the camera
(I have this scene where my character is like on a bus, but I want his back to face the camera and to walk to a specific zone)


(When my character gets on the bus I want him to be like facing the other person - which is the attendant - like they are having a conversation)

LUKE is rear
if you want him facing right while he is rear? have him facing in the opposite direction. & vice versa.


he’s currently standing in this position but how do i make him face the opposite direction while still in the same spot that I had before.

LUKE is rear and LUKE faces right
try that

thank you! it works

also if it’s not to much trouble i have two other issues

  • how do i make the camera pan while my character is walking to a specific zone

  • also when i place a character in a different zone and I pan the camera to said zone the character lags and shows up like 2 second later how do i fix it so that the character is automatically there when i pan.

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&pan to zone # in [time]
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in zone # in [time]

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