Character movements?

Ok in this scene its a flashback and the mum pushes my character (Quinn) out of the way because she sees a gun. anyway I guess I was just wondering how to make her do it fast. this is what I have now

&MUM walks to spot 1.280 102 11 in 1 AND MUM does it while talk_pound_chest
@YOUNG QUINN spot 0.986 209 63 in 1 AND YOUNG QUINN does it while think
@YOUNG QUINN faces left

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You could do @quin walks to spot whatever in 1 or 0.5 basically you will need to write in number
The number is the seconds of how fast and slow the character should move
If ypu want quin to move which out walking. Then dont write walks

can I tried that but. I cant seem to do the action aswell

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I think because of the animation u used think, which is not exists
Try ANIMATION that exists like think_rubchin

it exists I have tested it out on the app.

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So, what is wrong with it?

Oh I guess becaise u didnt use the zone number

when I try putting @YOUNG QUINN moves to spot blah blah blah in 1 AND YOUNG QUINN does it while think.
it doesn’t move the character

how would I insert that into the script?

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Quin spot ##### in zone 1, 2 or 3 in 1

thanks I will try that

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Inform me if it works

it worked thanks :slight_smile:

If you want a character to just stand in a spot you need to write:

@CHARACTER spot SCALE X Y in zone # at layer #

If you want the character to do an animation at the same time there are a few options:

@CHARACTER is animation_name
@CHARACTER starts animation_name
&CHARACTER is animation_name
&CHARACTER starts animation_name

Writing “does it while” won’t work, it’s only for walking.

If you want a character to walk to a spot:

@CHARACTER walks to spot SCALE X Y in S

If you want a character to do some animation while walking (it can be anything, if you use “think” it makes the character slide while doing the “think” animation) write this:

@CHARACTER walks to spot SCALE X Y in S and CHARACTER does it while animation_name

SCALE: the size of the character.

X- somewhere between the left side of the screen and the right side of the screen.

Y- somewhere between the top and the bottom of the screen.

S- number of seconds.

zone- the zone the camera is on (potentially 1-5 you can only upload 1-3 zones backgrounds)

layer- the layer the characters are at, goes by any number you want, negative too, under 0 (-1, -2, -3 etc)

btw @Ucorn “think” is an Ink animation “think_rubchin” would only work in Limelight

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: