Character Name Change Help Request - This is not what it sounds like

I know this may seem like such a newbie question, but, please, hear me out.

I’m starting a new Episode story with a group of friends as helpers and co-authors, which I thought was a good idea to make the most extreme directing an Episode story could take, but none of us can figure this out.

I want the reader to be able to choose between either the default name for a character or to choose their own name. So far, it’s been going well and the script says I don’t have any errors. At first, I tried to reference the default name using the bracket function ([ABBIE], for instance) you would use when you type in a name, since that’s what I’m doing; However, even though it worked, it left the default name being said in CAPS, which really ticked me off.
So, instead, I opted for the if/else statements. Things were going good, and the script says nothing is wrong, but when I try

if (ABBIE != "ABBIE)
Hi, I’m [ABBIE]!
Hi, I’m Abbie!

It immediately heads into the ‘else’ statement.

If any of you can help me solve this, I, and my group, would be eternally grateful. :grin::sob:

EDIT: I noticed I forgot to get rid of the ‘!==’ since I know this is technically incorrect coding, but I was testing it out to see if the difference worked or not. I have checked both the correct way of coding an if (VARIABLE does not equal to VALUE) and the one given in the picture, for future reference.

This is the other picture I wanted to include, but the forums only allowed one picture to be implemented in a post.

Try with
If (ABIEE = "ABBIE " )
{Carry on the script after this…}

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I’m not sure why you have != but it should be “is”

if (ABBIE is “Abbie”)

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I tested both of your suggestions out via both my phone and the preview in the portal, but it keeps skipping over the first if statement, even when the name is the default.

Also, why is there not a ‘does not equal’ option in Episode story coding? It’s required in C++, C# and Javascript, which is the basis of all coding languages.

EDIT: I shall make a quick video to show you guys how it’s not working.

EDIT 2: Here is the link to the video. YouTube Video (PastelPulse)


Oh…wait😐 I think you need to write like
If (ABBIE is “” ) {
This way reader can choose the name😀

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OMG, it worked!

Thank you so much for your help!

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:joy:glad it does
I totally forgot that it should be like that before :upside_down_face:

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I didn’t even know that it had to be like that, every time I used a template they used the equals sign. :heart::heart:
Thanks so much!!

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The equal signs credit goes to Dara :grin:
I am happy for you :hugs:

Yeah. Thank you, @Dara.Amarie. I read your post as = instead of is because I was thinking with C++ in mind. I’m sorry for not listening to you properly.

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:joy:well done lamo​:upside_down_face:
Hope you work well your story :+1:

Thank you! :grin:

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