Character name on overlay

Ok so i have a problem what if i let the reader pick the charcters name and ex: she works in a place theres a badge on her shirt but how do i put her name on the badge if her name is typed in by the reader

I´m sorry if this was confusing but i hope i find the answer ASAP

If you have the badge uploaded as a blank overlay, you could use the creating text from overlays to get their imputed name.

I have no idea if what I just said made sense :rofl:

So you’d use this kinda coding to create the text overlay -

@overlay OVERLAY_NAME create text Your text here.

Then the text you’d use is the code for remembering typed in choices.

I hope I’ve explained it alright. But if you check out @Dara.Amarie website, it has all the details on there (and much better explained than I can :rofl:)

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I still don´t understand :smiley: