Character name problem


Hello , I tried to set a name for reader but when i click on preview it doesn’t show anything only the narrator’s bubble , is there any problem on my script ? What should I do to make it work?
Thank you


Can I see a picture of your script?


here is the picture


I named my character ROSE but I

want the readers to choose their own Name


Is there an error message?


no there is no error message


Instead of saying what is your first name just say name so delete all the first ones


What exactly is it you’re trying to do?


This is mine and it works it will say Auto Bot on desktop/laptop and the name you want to put on phone :grin:


Ahhh , so thats how it is
I was making it on pc and it didn’t work but I checked my phone and it works


Thank you for your help !


Np :grin:


So, if:
Script Name: ROSE
Display name: ROSE

Then try this (example):


@zoom reset

So, what’s your name?

input What’s Your Name? |What’s Your Name?|Done(ROSE)

Nice to meet you [ROSE]!


So, if:
Script Name: ROSE
Display name: ROSE

If you do this, then whatever the reader names the character will appear on screen and be used : )
However, like @Teahwalker said, you could use NAME, too : ) But then you would have to change ROSE’s display name to NAME, and in the script, it would look like this:
-Script Name: ROSE
-Display name: NAME


Thanks for helping !