Character names with the first same first letter?

Does anyone ever find themselves having multiple characters with the same first initial? For some reason it nags at me, I can’t think why.

So basically I was just wondering what other people’s opinions on this are :slight_smile:

I don’t mind as long as it’s not the entire cast and the names aren’t similar lol.
I actually have an upcoming story where the male lead is Taron, the female lead is Taylor and Taylor’s sister is named Teagan and her mother is named Tamara (Teagan and Tamara are supporting characters though and don’t show up as often. The family initial is intentional).
I can’t think of any of the other characters (and there are plenty) having their name start with a “T” in my story.

I think “Taron and Taylor” sounds kinda cute, but I would definitely avoid giving too many characters the same first initial, especially if they’re to appear in a lot scenes together. I suppose it could get annoying, a bit like seeing too many characters sharing the same facial feature(s).

With me, I have characters that aren’t all involved in the same plots but will be intermingling in big group scenes, do you think that’s ok?

I think that’s fine considering your groups are big and there will be other characters who don’t have the same first initial but I generally don’t think it’s too big of a deal anyways to have multiple characters with the same first initial.
What matters most is how you think a name fits a certain character more since you’re the author.
If that means multiple characters have the same first initial - so be it! (: