Character Naming In Stories [SOLVED]

So I’m currently working on a story that allows readers to name their own character. How would I mention the “new” name when I’m writing the script? For example, if the reader names the character Emily, how would I get another character to say, “Hi Emily” in a couple of chapters? Thank you!

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You will put whatever the name call is in brackets. So if you just have NAME as what was in the parenthesis of the name function, to say the chosen name you will write [NAME].

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Thank you!

Moved this to Directing Help & Tips, as it was incorrectly created in the wrong section. @lunaa can you confirm if the info @Purple_Ghost provided you with has worked? Thanks a bunch!

So far it has worked in my script!

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Happy to hear it! If for any reason it doesn’t work and you would like to reopen this thread, please let me know. Until then, thanks to everyone for the help! Thread closed :slight_smile: