Character Narration

How important is character narration to you?

As I am writing a story I noticed that most of the scenes shows dialogues between characters and their thoughts. There are just very few narrations and there are chapters that doesn’t even have a scene where the character narrates something lmao.

What are your thoughts?


I don’t like to have too much narration tbh, because you dont want 5 minutes of the author explaining a tiny little detail, I prefer that they… in a polite way… just get on with it :joy:

Bare with me if I don’t do a 20 line narration of the LIs green eyes 🥲 i just just simply cringe at myself lol


I prefore non or little because narration make it Seem like a book where episode is more like a comic or movie

Narrating things which are important like character of MC etc …are fine ,but not 5min of how tall the li is, etc