Character Need for INK Story: To Find Love Again

Character need Justin Friends: 5 (Matthew, Jimmy, Ryaker, Len, Skyler)
(Matthew fill by @Ayu)
(Jimmy fill by @Ayu)
(Len fill by @Blue1994)

Alessandra friends: 4
(Rain, Freya, Eiya, Lillian, Roseabella)
(Roseabella fill by @Elva_Writes)
(Freya fill by @Ayu)
(Rain fill by @Ayu )
(Eiya fill in by @Blue1994)

(Alessandra family memebr hair color is fawn and eyes color: toffee)
Alessandra’s Mom: Vitoria

Alessandra’s Dad: Zayden
Alessandra’s sitser: Ruby

Ruby & Damon have children: A son name: Sebastian & A daughter name: Neveah

Chris & Freya son name: Grayson & Daughter name: Hope Son name: Isael

Ryaker & Rain son name: Nathan & Daughter Name: Olive

Alexia’s husband: (name need)

Alexia and husband son: Karamat and Daughter name: Audrey

Alessandra’s Brother: Chris

Alessandra’s Sons: (Blaze, Tristan)

(Justin family memebr hair color is blond, his mother, sister eyes are blue)

Justin’s Son and Daughter’s name:
(Heather, Phoenix)

Justin’s Brother: Damon

Justin’s Sister: Alexia

Justin’s Mom: Samantha

Justin’s Dad Harry
PAPARAZZI (8) (4 females, 4 males)

(1 female and 1 male) (fill by @cakegirl_44 )

Bodygrauds (10) (5 females and 5 males)

(1 male and 1 female) (fill by @cakegirl_44)

Stripper (6) (6 female) (1 - fill by @AmazinglyLost)

Storm’s Brother: Name need

Storm’s Sister: Sophia

Storm’s Mom: Brittiany

Storm’s Dad: Wyatt
Storm’s Son: Noah
Storm’s woman he cheated his wife with: Kylie (filled by @eilyk)
Waiter (1)
Waitress (1)
Maid (2)
Teacher (fill by @lvqbrl)
Storm Assistant
Forum add soon

You are more than welcome to use these two if you would like


Roan’s Personality- Love the colors black blue and red, Brave, Caring, Withdrawn, Loyal, & Protective
Christina’s Personality- Loves the colors black and blue, Shy, Clumsy, Akward, Honest, Hardworking, & Stubborn
They are both bisexual
They are a couple but you dont have to use them that way if you dont want to
Also any role you see fit is fine with me


Role Whatever role you think its fit them.

Christina can be Eiya (Alessandra Friend)

Roan can be Len (Justin Friend)

and they will work great because they are a couple in my story.

would u want I to credit youin my story

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Ayame can be (Freya Alessandra best friends)

Kai can be (Matthew Justinbest Friend)

Yuna can be (Rain Alessandra best Friend)

Haru can be (Jimmy Justin best friend) (But he dating Matthew if taht okay with you)

would you want i to credit u in my story

Sounds awesome!!! and you can if you want my instagram is @blue_1994.episodes for credit if you do decide to credit me

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Yeah, sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Credit me by Ayu-chan

okay in the story or instagram or forum

In story or forum whatever works for you

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They can be whoever you need them to be

Okay thanks

You’re welcome :blush:


Pierce can be one of the bodygrauds

Blaire can be one of the paparazzi

Julian can be one of the paparazzi

Harper can be one of the bodygraud.

would you want i to credit u in my story

Williw can be one of the stripper if that okay with you

would you want i to credit u in my story

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Any Roll you think is fit!!! :smile:
Could you mention my story Trickster?
If, no thats ok.

Credit: @Elva_Writes or @elva.writes_insta (if used) :blush:
Personality: Sweet, Caring, Thoughtful, Funny, Can go from 0-100 if someone hurts her, her family, or pets, Honest, and A little stubborn.

She can be Roseabella oen of Alessandra friends

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