Character needed (INK)! and editors too :\

Hello guys! as you could tell from the title i need some characters for my story, i might add a dialogue if i could, and i will give credit just tell me where you want them :slight_smile:

Send me your details and an outfit if possible with your instagram user if you have

As for editors i need a large cover and if any of you guys make scenes that’s be awesome!!

Hair: Straight (Black)
Nose: Elven
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Cherry Red)
Face Shape: Oval
Skin Tone: Light

i might change the outfit depends on the scene, is that okay?

I can do edits. U can see examples at my instagram.

Sure I don’t mind

what’s your instagram?


What should i name it? (my MC is called Silver so )



Hair- Long featured ,black
Face- Soft heart
Eyebrows- Defined Natural
Eyes- Upturned bold, Black
Nose- Refined
Mouth-Blossam Lips, Cherry red
Body- Light

Outfit details- Ivory belted sweater dress, BW sandals

I can’t do character edits but I can make overlays and do Background edits…

Let the name be “Sneha”…

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eyes color?

Thank you. have you made backgrounds?


And eyebrows too :slight_smile:

Defined Natural

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Yeah I just did one for @youngblackboy here-

And this for @azariasin

I just need one thing that is credit…

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Do you want overlay examples too…

Do you still need the cover

Did you want this background for your cover