Character needed limelight

HI ! I need help with character I need more character
Please leave the character detail
(If have review photo please leave it )
Also the role : bad or good

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Hi, here is my character…

I want a good role!
If you want a proper name, then name me Kyle :wink:

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Do you want to be the boy MC best friend or girl MC? :heart_eyes:

The boy MC best friend.

So what kind of student do you want to be in the story :sweat_smile: ?
Because the Boy MC is a bad boy …

Hey, I’m Vivainah. Here are my character details:

Can I’ve have a good role!! Actually I’m okay with anything it’s totally up-to you…

Hope I’ll get a chance to be in your story!!!

Ok thank !! I will give you a good role

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Moved to Resources section! :v:t2: