Character not scaling?

Hi, I’m having trouble with a character that isn’t scaling to what I want. I have refreshed and exited and reentered the editor, and nothing has worked. The editor says that the position of the character is different from what I put in. Here’s what I mean. Here is the character (BRIAN) standing now:

It says his position is spot 0.707 225 319 in zone 1 (@BRIAN spot 0.707 225 319 in zone 1)

I want him scaled to this:

I want his position to be spot 0.689 223 312 in zone 1 (@BRIAN spot 0.689 223 312 in zone 1)

Here’s a photo of what it does after it saves and I preview it:

What can I do to fix this? Thanks!

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There’s been a glitch on the portal. Does Brian fit in any of these categories?

-New character (Just created)

If so, then the web previewer on the portal has been acting up, so don’t worry it’s not just you. But the mobile previewer seems to be working!

I’ve been having this same issue on both my web and mobile previewer with one of my oldest characters in the script (probably 3rd-4th made) and is a female character. Those criteria may be generalized to most people experiencing the issue, but definitely not to me. It’s just a glitch in general on the portal that’s super irritating

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I see, well it was happening for me a few days ago… don’t know if they looked into it. But it was only for my newly created male characters. I never tried it on the mobile app previewer, but a lot of people said it was working on there.

Hm. Yeah, they must be more fortunate than me, then. I’ve got a video taken from my mobile that I sent to episode in a ticket. I’d send it here but videos aren’t allowed. I sent a ticket and they havent said much back yet. Just asked for my portal information.

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Aw, I’m sorry for that. I know it can be irritating. But I did see one of the episode moderators say they were looking into it so hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

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Yeah, I saw it too. Until then I do have other stuff I can work on, I just hope it’s fixed soon because it’s an absolute pain :crossed_fingers:t3:

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