Character not showing up for CC

I had someone tell me yesterday they couldn’t see the character to customize. I went and double checked the script and it was okay. I went a ahead and redid the script template (from @Dara.Amarie).
I had another reader message me today with this screenshot. Any idea why? I’ve used the templates before and have had no issue. What’s going on?

Can you post the script?

that strange I believe Dara has spot directing in the template…can you show us the begining of your script where this scene starts.

I’ve used them before and had no issues… :frowning:

It could be zooms. Check to make sure it’s not zoomed in. You might need a zone or it could be how he’s spotted. Like the scale of 2.400. It’s possible he might be too big to be shown on screen. Try changing the scale to something like 1.000.

hmm, I actually don’t see mistake …so do I get right you see him in preview just it’s not visible in-app?

This is more like a blind shot but can it be there was zoom in some previous scene and it reminded there so the zoom is not actually reset?

also do you get any errors in the left window?

It might be a zoom… I know the first scene is zoomed in. I’ll double check when I get home! Thanks :slight_smile:

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There’s a zoom in the very first scene.
I’m thinking it needs to be zoomed out.
Also, there are no errors.


I didn’t change anything in my script and hit preview. :woman_shrugging:

That’s because it’s the web previewer. The web previewer and the app one don’t look entirely the same, so it’s better if you check the app because most people are going to be seeing the preview based on the app.

It’s all zoomed up on his face. I’ll put @zoom reset and see

test it then in your app. Actually I really do not see reason to do this… it can be also just bug on the reader phone and not yours script.

Episode has glitch especialy when you start to read then get out of the app but not really close it…and going back sometimes it than doesnt show all characters. The solution is to close the app entirely and reload it again. Maybe this is what happend to the reader and has nothing to do with your script.

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