Character not showing up in correct spot!

I have a major problem!
I put my character in a spot where she is at 0.989 182 33 but she is showing up at 0.800 179 134.
Here is my script;

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Preview you it on the app and let me know what happens


Still, same thing.

It might be because you have the character walking to a certain spot before you switch her to the spot where she’s sitting on the desk.
Try putting a pause:

@ALIA walks to spot 0.800 -66 165
@pause for 2
@LIAM spot 1.033 -72 50 in zone 2

I’m gonna try this.

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This as well lol

This didn’t work :confused:

This didn’t work either, I think since it’s a zone change I’ll try and add the scene again and see if it works better

I resolved it by adding the other scene thanks @RudeInception and @brvnda for your help!
@Ryan or @Jeremy you may close this.

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You need to add zone
@CHARACTER spot X Y Z in zone ___

I did, I said in zone 2. But I fixed the problem so it’s alright :slight_smile: