Character not showing up in spot directing

the script is correct but the character is not showing up? i cant find it on the forums and i have even switched browsers? has this happened to anyone else? is this a bug? i have refreshed and everything

This once happened to me… After trying literally everything I erased the coding and wrote that part again and it worked…

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Probably because it cuts out weirdly. Try this:

&cut to zone 2
&MARISSA spot 0.767 72 703
&MARISSA starts tinker_neel_neutral_loop
@transition fade in black in 3

If that doesn’t work change &MARISSA spot 0.767 72 703 to &MARISSA spot 0.767 72 703 in zone 2

Hope this helps!

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Hehehe… She is in the scene.

^ Those are her knees. She’s too high up. :grin:

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