Character not showing


I’ve looked through all the previous pages addressing this issue, but none of them seem to helping me. My script is perfectly fine, but when I try customizing my character in the script, she isn’t showing up on screen in the preview and on my phone.


Try adding a zone?
When you click spot helper, does it say YOU is there or no?


@Dona_H I tried that previously and it didn’t work. And it says she is there in spot helper, but I can’t see her.
(also omg I love ur profile pic)


Can you tell me the spot it says she’s in? (Also thank you very much, I’m in loooveeee with Billie Eilish :joy:)


1.280 -60 0 (and saaaame. she’s a queeeen)


Try putting @YOU enters from left to spot 1.280 60 0
The negative is what’s effecting it I think.


Haha, that didn’t work. I tried fixing the spotting and everything too.


Hmm… @Dara.Amarie can you possibly help?


Try adding in a background, or try refreshing the page. Submit a ticket about this issue. You’re not the only one dealing with “missing characters” at the moment.


Resolved. The story settings weren’t correctly working.