Character Outfit Glitch!

Hey everyone! So I have a small problem and I am unsure how to fix it. If I try to change any of my characters outfits, then it will change them for the entire story. How can I fix this? :slight_smile:

Just write in your script for the character to change into the outfit you want:

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit name
You can delete later

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Can you take the screen shoot of the problem?

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The characters outfits are default, unless you’ll change them, from that point it character will wear what you changed them into. If you jumping from scene to scene or episode to episode you can notice that character is in the outfit from future/ previous episodes but for readers it will be in default or any outfit you change into in the scene

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Oh wow thank you, that worked! I am clearly quite new at this haha!

Remember to always reset your story progress if you want to check if everything works alright :slight_smile: