Character & Outfit Ideas for “Creepy Old Lady”

Hi, I’m Winter.

I’m asking help from the Episode community for outfit or character ideas for an Ink creepy old lady, lol. If you have any ideas, drop the clothes and outfit details below, with an image if possible. :slight_smile:

~ Winter xx

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INK Limelight or classic? :thinking:

Ink, forgot to clarify.

It’s ok thanks. Working on it right now! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks. :blush:


Looks good… in a weird way. :joy:

Can you send me the character and outfit details please so I can recreate it?

I have two ideas!
One of them is a Nun Robe with School Uniform Shoes.
The other idea is a Mourning Dress (Black) with Mule Ankle Heels. I would also add Black Aviator Sunglasses if you want her to look mysterious.
I hope this kinda helps!


Hair: Messy back bun white
Face shape: defined oblong
Nose: Round
Mouth: Mature slender taupe
skin: tan
Eyebrows: Soft Angled
Eyes: Round bold hickory

Workout pants black
Scholarly chinchilla grey
Long knit sweater white

@dasha_author I’ll be using your second outfit idea.
@Ivy_Hall I’ll be using your character looks.

If you guys don’t mind. Do you want credit? :slight_smile:

I don’t mind just wanted to help out a fellow writer

Thanks. :blush:

I don’t mind either, I’m glad to help! :smile:

Thank you! :blush:

@Ryan @Jeremy Please close this thread as I’ve got the help I needed. :slight_smile:

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