Character Outlines Needed For An Edit Please



Hey Guys ,
Thanks for coming to this Forum Page It makes me so happy so anyways I wanted to try editing and Well you guessed it by the title I need some Outlines for edits whether its a celebrity outline to an episode outline I was hoping you could give me to use then I credit you I promise you.
Thanks for coming to this page and hope you enjoy yourself
Come to my thread - I can make covers and splashes in 10 to 15 minutes plz


I have drive full of outlines :joy: I can give you link


Yes please Omg your a life saver


Can you give me the link please


No pressure though to give the link and sorry if I’m a bit rushed it’s just that I’m so exited

#6 Lol no this is for everyone they just need to credit me but this is kind of complexion of bad outlines lol cause I am bad at it and sorry for late reply


You’re not bad I’m sure they will be great


Omg their amazing


Omg Thankyou I am so glad you like them


Me too


I would like to know if I can use your outlines for my episode stories and if I can change the outlines just a little and I promise I will give you credit


Yup sure just please credit me