Character/Overlay Layering Issue

Hello friendos,

I’m having a small ish with layering a character/overlay in one particular scene (coding and preview below). I can’t figure out why the character WILL is still appearing behind the JAIL BARS overlay.

Originally he was written in at layer 4, but when he wasn’t appearing in front of the overlay I increased his layer just to be safe, then when he still wasn’t on the right side of the bars I added a second piece of code repeating the “moves to layer x” command in case it wasn’t registering in the first one. Still hasn’t resolved anything though (it plays this way in both app and writer’s portal).

Am I missing something obvious or is there something buggy goin’ on? :bug: :eyes:


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tbs supposed to be right i think? did the code change or something? :flushed:

That’s different from how I layer.
Could this perhaps help…?

  • Written on different lines :
    (@)overlay JAIL BARS moves to layer 3
    &WILL moves to layer 5

It could be an issue with the previewer. However I don’t get why your layer numbers are like this? :thinking: Instead of just:
JAIL BARS - layer 0
ELEANOR - layer 1
WILL - layer 2

You need to use spot directing rather than screen placements. Layers always mess up when using “enters from…” “to screen center” etc

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Simple directing especialy walking and entering tends to reset layers no matter if you write them.

Use spotdirecting and the problem should be solved.

Or if you don’t know how to use spotdirecting simply put the bars overlay on layer -1 - the basic directing never goes under 0 in layers as it seems.


Solved with spot directing, @Farah_DeSantis & @Jade.epi! Thanks, legends.


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