Character/ Overlay placement issues

Hi! I’m currently writing a story and for some reason whenever I preview a certain scene the character and overlay placement aren’t where they’re supposed to be. For example, if i put a character in the center of the screen when I preview it it’ll be on the left. The same goes for the overlay.

Here’s the script:

&overlay 5383691900289024_COFFEE COUNTER shifts to -462 -97
&overlay 5383691900289024_COFFEE COUNTER scales to 1.095 1.095
&cut to zone 2
&zoom reset
music music_breezy_lp
&DREAM spot 0.905 191 191 and DREAM faces left
&DREAM moves to layer -1
&DREAMS BOSS spot 0.917 263 234 and DREAMS BOSS faces left
&DREAMS BOSS moves to layer -1
&QUILL spot 0.840 26 253 and QUILL faces left
&QUILL moves to layer -1
&LINE PERSON 1 spot 0.875 -410 231 and LINE PERSON 1 faces right
&LINE PERSON 1 moves to layer 2
&LINE PERSON 2 spot 0.863 -515 223 and LINE PERSON 2 faces right
&LINE PERSON 2 moves to layer 2
&LINE PERSON 3 spot .855 -609 222 and LINE PERSON 3 faces right
&LINE PERSON 3 moves to layer 2

Make sure you put which zone you want your overlay in as you’re in zone 2. Overlays default to zone 1 :heart:

I tried it but the overlay just won’t move :slightly_frowning_face:. Same goes for the characters… I’ll to recreate the scene and specify the zone again and see what happens.

Try putting this:

Like this:

INT. CAFE with COFFEE COUNTER to 1.095 -462 -97 in zone 2

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Okay, I will try it. Thank you! :heart:

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Thank you so much! It worked and somehow it fixed the issue with the character placement as well. :laughing:

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Glad I helped :blush: