💥 Character Overlay Shop 💥 [OPEN]

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Hey! Yeah… I don’t know what a “character overlay shop” is either but like, just look at the examples and we’ll go from there.

🔥 Examples 🔥

I literally don’t know what to tell you guys…
I guess I could probably do other stuff too, character cards, normal overlays, banners, text overlays and stuff…

Let me know :joy:


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Hi! Do you make text overlays too?

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Sure! At least, I think I’m sure… :joy:
What did you have in mind?

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Wait. Just sending.

I need you to make A portable flash drive overlay, please.

It’s for my game “Humans Are People, Too” Which will be made in RPG Maker & not Episode but it uses Episode styles & art & character types

I’m basically using two software to make a game:
Episode for cut scenes
RPG Maker for Gameplay.

In the scene of Humans Are People, Too

The human puts a flash drive in a sentient robotic AI to make him hate humanity & obey her at all costs.

Thank You.

Sounds… interesting. :joy:
Is there anything specific about the flash drive? Does it have writing on it or anything?

It looks like a normal flash drive but it contains a virus that one of the main characters implants into a robot.

I want the Flash Drive to look Sci-fi with blue neon stripes on it in a zig-zag & the rest of it will be black with the metal part you stick into the robot silver.

So I know I already sent the text overlay but then… I changed it up a bit. I may or may not have gone a bit overboard but at least it was fun to make :joy:

jpeg. format:

png. format:

The png. image is a little hard to see but I swear it’s all there…


I love your examples, can I request this later

well something like this

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Sure, ready when you are. :fire:

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Okay brb.

I need a fake identification for my story it’s action with a little fantasy. I’ll come up with the details in a sec.

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How’s this for Sci Fi?

jpeg. format:

png. format:

Why exactly does the main character want to implant this thing into her robot anyway? :joy:

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wow! I love it!

it’s great!

Anyway, the robot is too good apparently, she wants him to take out humanity but his purpose is to protect, this virus helps him be more obedient to her.

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Wow, so I helped create a virus that will take out all of humanity? …nice :joy:

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You can play it once it’s out.

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Definitely! :+1:t3:

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I want this on the I.D.
It’s a alias name

  1. Ella Smallwood
    Address zip:
    Date of birth:
    Random date and year
    Eye color:
    Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye (Hazel)
    Identification number;

you can pick the clothing doesn’t matter

  • Female Athletic Body (Neutral 3)
  • Brow - Arched Natural (Black Jet)
  • Long Curls (Chestnut Brown)
  • Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye (Hazel)
  • Face (Diamond Defined Contour)
  • Nose (Defined Natural)
  • Lips (Full Heart Pouty)- Neutral Medium Nude Matte

Also need two more
Everything the same as the top but hair and name are diff

  1. Marvis Hubert
  2. Evalyn Ladd
  3. Braided Curly Pony
  4. Lob Bangs Blunt
    Both color is Black Dark
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Hi @Vernon
do make overlay with hand or just edit then like by remove background to make overlay

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I might be able to, what did you have in mind…

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