Character overlays

I need help with something that I’ve seen creators do in their stories and I’m wondering how they do it? I also don’t know how to explain it so I’m sorry if it’s confusing. They make the character like, look different than the animations look. Like they make the character smirk or do something that there’s not an animation for. I think it’t an overlay thing but I’m kind of confused. If anyone knows what I’m talking about could you tell me how they make/get something like that and how you use it in your story? Like what I would write in the script? I have a couple stories that use them if that helps and I also have a screenshot of what I’m looking for from a story I read if that would be helpful. I hope someone understands what I’m asking but let me know if you’re confused and I can try to explain it better. Thanks!

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hey pm me I’ll explain it!

Those are custom overlays made from different animations. It’s pretty easy to make them just ss different animations for the pose and make them in editing app (I use Ibis Paint X but other apps are also good)


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